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Whether it’s the gilded twists of temple spires, the breezy sunshine over white sands, or just the enveloping warmth of Thai laughter, the whole country of Thailand has a glow about it. Explore powdery beaches and soaring cliffs, and swim the pools and waterfalls of the misty forests. But Thailand is more than its classic-postcard surface. In its cities, even a walk down the street will take you past the everyday and the otherworldly — zipping motos, noodle stalls, floating markets, massive Buddhas. What you’ll encounter most, however, is the spark of Thailand’s radiant people.

Backyard Travel’s private tours of Thailand give you an insider’s view of the country. As an experienced Thailand travel agency, we offer everything from stays in beach resorts and fine cuisine explorations to family-themed adventures, visits to remote hill tribe communities, and daring trekking, rafting, and biking trips. Whatever you’re looking for in Thailand, we have all the local tips to make your custom Thailand trip unforgettable.

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From the misty rolling mountains of the north to the majestic river valleys and white-sand beaches of the country’s south, Thailand overflows with natural and cultural riches. A tailored Thailand vacation through the natural gems of the country will take you on exciting treks through lush jungles, scenic bike rides between neatly terraced fields, and relaxing retreats on emerald islands in the crystal waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Family-friendly safari tours will also bring you up close to elephants, gibbons, tigers, and other tropical wildlife.

Thailand’s cultural attractions are just as exuberant. Imagine exploring the bright tastes and wafting aromas of outdoor markets, or touring fragrant spice farms deep in the hill tribe country. History buffs, check out the sophisticated stonework of Ayutthaya’s ruins or the forest of golden pagodas and temple spires in Bangkok’s Grand Palace. Whether it’s the bustle of Bangkok or the serenity of Chiang Mai you’re after, Thailand always has an answer for “What’s next?”

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  • I could summarize our vacation in one word: “FANTASTIC”! The superior quality is a tribute to your thoughtful recommendations and perfect arrangements.

    Mr. Yanne Kuperman (Thailand, Mar 2015)

  • How can I begin to thank you. We returned today from a simply wonderful 4 days in Bangkok. The sites and meals you arranged for us were all excellent.

    Bella & Kevin Collins (Thailand, March 2013)

  • The overall experience and itinerary was very good. The guide and the service made the experience special and unique, very polite and professional, smiling all the time.

    Mr. Wolfgang Krueger (Thailand, Jan 2014)

  • We had a great trip and thoroughly enjoyed our time in Thailand! Really appreciate all your coordination. All the guides were wonderful and full of knowledge about the region and the customs.

    Ms. Andrea Jimenez (Thailand, Jan 2015)

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Some Questions

about our Private Tours of Thailand

Travel in Thailand is quite safe and easy, especially with Backyard Travel, but being informed and prepared will make your trip even more stress-free and enjoyable. Read up on the essentials, etiquette, and cuisine recommendations, with Backyard Travel’s Thailand FAQ.

Citizens of most countries can enter Thailand without a visa and are allowed a 30-day stay. If you are arriving overland, however, you may only be issued a 14-day visa, depending on your citizenship. See more details on our Thailand Visa Guide

Thailand, like many of its Southeast Asian neighbors, has two seasons: dry and wet. The most beautiful weather typically occurs between November and April, when conditions are dry and pleasant. Meanwhile, the Thai monsoon season lasts from May to October. In the higher altitudes in Northern Thailand, nighttime can be a bit chilly in December and January, with temperatures hitting lows of roughly 13 degrees Celsius (about 55 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you’re planning a beach vacation in Thailand, you should know that monsoon seasons hits the west and east coasts of Southern Thailand at different times. From about May to September, rains lash the Andaman Coast (the western side that is home to Phuket and Krabi). However, the monsoon season comes a little later to the eastern side, to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and the beaches of the Gulf of Thailand. Here, the monsoon season starts around July and peaks in October or November.

We think the best time to go to Thailand is November through January, when it’s sunny with blue skies and humidity is at its lowest. This is, however, peak season, which brings an increase in both crowds and prices. But, to be honest, there’s no ‘bad’ time to come to Thailand because the weather varies from region to region, and there’s an opportunity to relax, discover, or be amazed in Thailand year-round. Contact one of our locally based Travel Specialists to create a tailor-made Thailand tour that matches your timeframe and criteria perfectly. Complete details here

If you’d like to see Thailand off the beaten path, you’ve come to the right place. Our locally based Travel Specialists have expert knowledge on experiencing Thailand like a local. Aside from guided tours of the rugged, remote, and pristine regions of Thailand, such as the lovely mountain town of Mae Hong Song, you can go off the beaten path—literally—with off-road tours in Thailand’s northern hills. Or how about driving yourself through the Golden Triangle or paddling through the Thai Peninsula alongside pink dolphins? We at Backyard Travel also offer private hill tribe tours in Thailand, boat tours, and culinary tours to take you off the usual tourist trail and bringing you face to face with all the experiences and tastes of Thailand. Contact one of our Thailand-based Travel Specialists who can customize a Thailand tour that meets all of your specifications.

There are so many reasons why Thailand is one of the top travel destinations in the world, but one of them must certainly be its family-friendliness. Aside from Thailand’s dazzling temples, pristine beaches, and friendly people (this is the “Land of Smiles” after all), Thailand is also safe with great infrastructure. Not only will you never run out of things to see and do, but you will also feel safe while you travel. For ideas and inspirations on a family vacation in Thailand, check out our Thailand Family Tours, above.

You can purchase a local Thai SIM card with 3G and 4G pretty much everywhere. They are available at major airports, phone shops, mobile service providers, and even 7-Eleven. Top-up credit for some providers can be bought at many big-box stores and convenience stores, including 7-Eleven, Family Mart, BigC, and Tesco.

Thailand is home to a veritable hit list of the world’s best beaches and islands. Phuket, Krabi, and Ko Samui are some of the well-known names, but this sunny country also offers quieter beaches that eschew the party crowds and are all about relaxation. Charming and laid-back Koh Kood, Koh Phangan, Koh Yai Noi and Khao Lak all allow you to escape the crowds while offering a choice of great hotels. If you’d like to do some beach camping, head to Koh Surin, one of the most remote of the Thai islands, where you may rub shoulders with the Moken people, Thailand’s enigmatic ‘sea nomads.’

Credit cards are widely accepted in Thailand, but you should be prepared to pay with cash if traveling to remote areas. ATMs for withdrawing Thai baht are available at major airports, shopping centers, hotels and almost all provincial areas. You’ll also find that exchange counters are common in tourist hubs and urban areas.

We love Thai food, and we think you will too. There’s so much more to authentic Thai food than phad thai! Try ka prao, a national dish where pork or chicken is stir-fried in a flash with holy basil and chilies. Served with a fried egg (khai dao) on a bed of rice, Thais love this satisfying dish with bold flavors. Som tam, a green mango or papaya salad, is another must-try and Thai staple. This can be made to your specifications with shrimp, crab, extra chilies, or mild with extra peanuts. It’s goes excellent with grilled chicken, or gai yang.

The Thai people have a wonderful sense of harmonizing flavors, using sweet, salty, sour, and spicy to varying degrees to create dishes that are mouthwatering and never boring. Thais also respect personal preference and always offer an array of spices, chilies, sugar, and condiments so you can doctor each dish exactly to your liking. Thai food can be very spicy, however, so make sure to request mai phet, or ‘not spicy,’ if you know you won’t be able to handle the heat.

We recommend tipping your Thai tour guide and driver as you would in most other Asian countries. A good amount to tip your guide is 150 baht (US$5) per person per day, and for your driver, 100 (US$3) baht per person per day. If you’d like to tip your taxi driver or wait staff, you can round your bill up to the nearest 50 baht, or leave roughly 10 to 15% of the total bill. This won’t be expected but appreciated.

Thailand has some of the best hotel destinations in the world, and at a great value. You’ll be spoiled for choice, from 5-star design hotels in Bangkok and boutique mountain resorts in Chiang Mai to quaint riverside inns and beach bungalows on Phuket. Due to some of the world’s most spectacular resorts at the most unforgettable places, such as the crescent beaches and turquoise, crystal waters of Krabi, Thailand honeymoons are also very popular. No matter what locale and style of accommodation you choose, the service in Thailand is usually outstanding, and you can expect Wi-Fi at all major hotels, and even at some that are off the beaten path.

Before you travel to Thailand, you should be up to date on all your routine vaccinations, which may include MMR, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis A and B, and typhoid, depending on the instructions of your family doctor. You’ll also need a Yellow Fever vaccine if you are coming from a country with the risk of Yellow Fever (some parts of South America and Africa). Malaria is present in the rural parts of Thailand, so you may want to speak to your physician about anti-malarials if you plant to venture into rural areas. We always recommend having comprehensive travel insurance that covers the cost of medical evacuation when traveling in Asia. Check your government’s travel advisory for Thailand for the most up-to-date information.

Thailand is a kingdom, and the Thai people are deeply reverent of their monarchs, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. You will see images of the king and queen everywhere. Please show proper respect for these royal figures and never speak badly about the monarchy. Thailand has strict lèse majesté laws that also apply to foreigners.

The Thai people are very respectful of other cultures. We at Backyard Travel like to reciprocate by greeting people with the traditional Thai greeting, the wai. To properly wai, put your two hands together over your heart and slightly bow your head as you greet the other person. You can combine this with the Thai word for “hello,” sawadee. If you are a woman, add khaa to the end to make sawadeekhaa. If you are a man, add khap to the end to make sawadeekhap. Do this and most Thais will appreciate that you are making an effort to learn their culture.

Dress modestly and respectfully. Cover any bare skin from the shoulders to the knees, especially when entering places of worship. Take off your shoes before entering somebody’s home.

Shop for locally made products. Supporting local artisans helps keep traditional crafts alive.

Religious iconography is everywhere in Thailand in the form of chedi (a type of stupa), temples, and spirit houses. Always show respect for these religious objects by avoiding sitting or posing in front of them. Please also ask and receive permission before taking photos of people, including children.

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Sights & Experiences

Backyard Travel’s custom Thailand tours can take you on a night safari in Chiang Mai, a leisurely bike ride through ancient ruins, or into the thick of Bangkok’s feverish streets. Our local expertise gives us an authentic edge. Browse our blog posts for a look at Backyard Travel’s favorite highlights and hidden treasures.


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What’s Special about Thailand?

The fascinating country of Thailand is a pinnacle of travel in Southeast Asia. From beaches and rainforests to ruins and palaces, you will have your fill of both nature and culture. Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran visitor, there’s always something new to learn, do, and stick your chopsticks into in Thailand.

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Above all, the Thai are known for their cheerful demeanor and joyous celebration of the simple pleasures in life. Beyond the smiles, you’ll also find a proud and cooperative people, always willing to give a stranger a hand.

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Thai climate is marked by the monsoons, which cause heavy rains from July to October, which may affect outdoor activities, like kayaking. The months between November and March are ideal for travel, with dry, cooler weather.

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Major cities like Bangkok offer bustling energy and a wide array of entertainment options including bars, cabarets, nightclubs, and the wildest of party scenes. For a night off or some local flavor, try a performance of Khon theater or traditional puppetry.

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As evidenced in the sharp and varied flavors of its cuisine, Thai culture is a thrilling mix of local ethnic groups and regional influences. In art as in daily life, the tenets of Buddhism are central to Thai culture.

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Thai is the official and most widely spoken language in Thailand. In the countryside, you’ll also hear regional languages such as Lao and Khmer. Some English is generally spoken in tourist areas.

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Thailand, heir to the long, illustrious history of the Kingdom of Siam, is especially proud of being the one nation in Southeast Asia to have resisted European colonization. Despite recent troubles, Thailand continues to stand by that fierce independence today.

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Meet the Thailand Team

We’re not just another Thailand travel agency. Our team is made up of locals who are proud to share the best the country has to offer. We cruise the streets of Bangkok and wander country trails looking for the freshest and most exciting attractions to design your custom private tour of Thailand.

Pornsurang ’Aey’ Siriwandee

Thailand Travel Specialist

I fell in love with tourism when I was at university. I have since travelled to most provinces in Thailand and discovered incredible places and cultures.

Nhong Nualnil

Thailand Tour Specialist

Travel is about experiencing new things. I have realized the best way to discover yourself is from the things you’ve seen and experienced.


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