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Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands, and each is a world onto itself. The pristine Gili islands greet visitors with white-sand beaches and stunning wildlife, while the pink sands and jagged hillsides of Komodo are home to the enigmatic Komodo dragon. In Sumatra, playful orangutans hang from trees under a horizon of smoldering volcanoes. The people that inhabit these remote paradises are no less diverse. Gaze at the meticulous movements of Balinese dance, collide with the hustle of Jakarta’s unruly intersections, and absorb the ancient traditions of the Asmat on fabled Papua.

Backyard Travel’s tailor-made Indonesia tours include family and honeymoon tours of Bali, rafting and biking expeditions across the countryside, guided hikes of natural sites, and tranquil retreats to hushed beaches. Whatever you’re looking for, our Indonesia travel agency team is here to create the perfect custom Indonesia private tour designed around your interests.

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Discover the Best of Indonesia

Stretching across the equator in the South Pacific, the thousands of islands of Indonesia offer extraordinary travel. Marvel at the delicate craftsmanship of Bali’s temple spires, wander through the ethereal temple Borobudur, and enjoy the unworried pace of life found in the Java countryside. For nature lovers, Indonesia is a special treat. Take a rainforest trek to get up close to orangutans, elephants, and an unending aerial display of tropical birds. Spend your days on the heavenly shores of Lombok, and discover secluded beaches and waterfalls along your walk through the paradise of Bali.

Whether your private Indonesia holiday brings you to the feverish metropolis of Jakarta, the volcanic heights of Mount Bromo, or the virgin wilds of Papua, Indonesia’s landscapes are always sublime and its cultural and biological diversity unrelenting.

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  • Andhika manufactured exactly the type of tour we wanted. It was perfect. The two guides and the two drivers were wonderful and the whole trip was magical. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

    Jean Henrickson (Indonesia, Sept 2015)

  • We were absolutely satisfied with the overall organization of our trip and the service. Hotels and restaurants along our way were excellent. I also would like to mention that our tour guide and our driver were fantastic and very dedicated.

    Sandra Wolker (Indonesia, Oct 2015)

  • It has been a wonderful holiday and the guides you gave us were great! Thanks for all your help and we hope to contact Backyard Travel again in the near future for another adventure.

    Ms. Carolyn Wood (Indonesia, Jan 2015)

  • Your organization of our tour was fantastic, the staff was always nice and helpful, we loved everything and all the activities. Overall from 1 to 10, I give you 10 on everything.

    Mr. Marcos Cauduro Rojas (Indonesia, April 2014)

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Some Questions

about our Private Indonesia Tours

With Backyard Travel’s tailormade Indonesia tours, you know you’re getting insider experiences and authentic encounters. For a quick overview of Indonesia, check out our answers to frequently asked questions about cuisine, tipping and safety, and more.

Yes, you do, but most nationalities are eligible for a visa on arrival, which are available at most international airports in Indonesia including Bali, Jakarta, Medan, and Padang, as well as most international seaports. Visas for Indonesia on arrival cost US$35 and are good for a single entry lasting 30 days. For further information, contact our Indonesia-based Travel Specialist.

As an archipelago nation of more than 8,000 inhabited islands (that number jumps up to 17,000 when you count uninhabited islands!), Indonesia is home to many different topographies and microclimates. However, the Indonesian archipelago straddles the equator and temperatures generally range between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (high 70s to 90s Fahrenheit) year-round.

Weather in Indonesia is dry from June to September. The monsoon season, which starts in December and lasts until March, brings heavy but short downpours. Indonesian highland areas are cooler than the beaches and can get chilly at night. When you travel to Indonesia, it’s best to bring comfortable, casual, lightweight clothing in natural fabrics. But if you’re traveling to higher altitudes during the winter months, bring warmer clothes.

We recommend visiting Bali, Java, Sumatra, and Lombok during the dry months of June to September. If you’re thinking of heading east, towards Papua or Maluku, for example, May and June are your choicest months. July and August are peak season in Indonesia, however, which increases the price of services and accommodations. Keep this in mind if you’d like to avoid big costs and crowds. You can also contact one of our Bali-based Travel Specialists, whose hyper-local knowledge of the islands can help you plan a customized trip to Indonesia any time of year.

Indonesia is not just about the sun seekers and surfers at Bali’s famous Kuta Beach. A dizzying array of sights, activities, and experiences await you in this country’s many thousands of islands! If you want to avoid the tourist madness pervading Indonesia’s hotspots, you’ll be wowed by the peace, tranquility, and pristine beaches of the smaller islands, such as Lombok and rustic Sulawesi. Snorkelers and divers might appreciate the original “Spice Islands” of Maluku, where the turquoise waters teem with bright schools of fish.

Whether you’re seeking wildlife encounters in Sumatra, great diving and snorkeling, a volcano trek in Java, a guided Yogyakarta walking tour, tropical culinary adventures, or just some simple relaxation, we welcome you to use the in-depth knowledge of our Indonesia Travel Specialists to get you away from the crowds and in touch with new experiences.

Yes, and how! Indonesia is the land of the Komodo Dragon, the ‘Spice Islands,’ and of shipwrecks that sleep under the sea—it’s the stuff of childhood legends! Family travel in Indonesia also offers opportunities to meet orangutans in the wild, learn how to surf in Bali, see the Komodo Dragon, dive to a shipwreck, explore temple ruins, and snorkel your heart out. For the older set, Indonesia will awe and inspire with its vibrant culture, its intriguing history based on ancient trade routes, and some of the most creative and delectable cuisine in Southeast Asia. And did we mention the shipwrecks?

Some aviation safety records may have you thinking twice about flying to this archipelago nation, but we at Backyard Travel only book the safest airlines in Indonesia available. There has also been a major overhaul of the Indonesian aviation industry in the past few years, and safety records have improved.

You can easily find 3G-capable Indonesian SIM cards throughout the country. The four GSM-compatible phone operators are Telkomsel, Indosat, XL Axiata, and 3 (pronounced “Tri”). Of these, Telkomsel tends to be the most popular, as its coverage reaches virtually all of Indonesia. However, if you’re not planning on venturing into remote places, XL Axiata and Indosat offer good coverage in the urban centers at cheaper prices.

SIM cards and top-up credits are sold at virtually all phone shops and operator offices throughout the country. You’ll need to register your personal information to activate your local Indonesian phone number.

Credit cards are widely accepted in Indonesia, and you can expect to find currency exchange counters throughout the country. ATMs are ubiquitous in most cities, although they’re not as common in rural or remote areas. If you are traveling into the jungle or away from major tourist destinations, bring Indonesian currency (the Indonesian rupiah) with you just to be safe.

Indonesian food is as diverse as its islands and heavily influenced by its various historic trading roots. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love trying the Indonesian national dishes nasi goreng, an aromatic fried-rice that can be flavored with tamarind or dried fish; gado-gado, a delectable salad of cooked veggies, tofu, and egg topped with peanut-sauce (a great vegetarian option); and satay, succulent meat skewers covered with peanut sauce and often served with rice. If you can’t decide what you want, go for a plate of nasi camupur, as it combines a portion of white rice with many small servings of meats, vegetables, seafood, and satay dishes—a veritable sampler platter of Indonesian cuisine.

If like your meals less adventurous and more familiar, never fear. Bali has some fantastic international options. Keep in mind, however, that remote areas will have fewer options.

While tipping is not expected but always appreciated in Indonesia, it’s customary to tip your tour guides and drivers. As a general guide, we suggest tipping your Indonesian tour guide US$2.50 per person per day and your driver US$2 per person per day. If you loved the job your adventure tour guide did, we recommend tipping him or her US$15 per day for the whole group. In a restaurant, tipping 5–10% of your bill will make wait staff happy.

We are constantly impressed with the wide selection of accommodation in Indonesia, which boasts some of the best hotels in Southeast Asia. Whether your tastes run toward design, boutique, or 5-star, all are on offer in Indonesia. In remote areas, accommodations tend to be more basic, but they can be all the more charming for their rustic locations. Contact one of our Indonesia-based Travel Specialists who will be able to suggest the best accommodations for your preferences.

Before you travel to Indonesia, you should be inoculated against typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, and polio. These are, for the most part, routine vaccines. Malaria and dengue fever are present in Indonesia, and we do advise taking precautions. It’s also essential to have good medical insurance that covers the cost of an evacuation flight. Check with your government travel advisory on Indonesia for up-to-date information.

Indonesia is home and sanctuary to a vast spectrum of wildlife species. Please treat them and their ecosystems with respect.

If you come across an Indonesian temple festival or local ceremony, by all means feel free to observe, but do so with respect and the proper cultural etiquette. Similarly, because Indonesia is one of most culturally and religiously diverse countries in the world, you should take particular care for any cultural differences you may encounter. Please ask and receive permission before taking photos of people, including children.

With a large Muslim population, Indonesia values modesty in dress, especially in women. Cover bare skin from the shoulders to the knees (that means no tank tops, shorts, or miniskirts), especially when entering places of worship. Many temples and religious sites will provide a sarong and waist sash for you to wear as you visit the site. Take off your shoes when entering someone’s home.

Shop for locally made products. Indonesia has a long and proud heritage of regional arts and handicrafts, including woodworking, carving, weaving, and puppetry. Plenty of beautiful and fascinating gift ideas will enthrall you, and your support of local artisans will help keep traditional Indonesian crafts alive.

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Sights & Experiences

Backyard Travel’s tailor-made and private Indonesia tours can take you everywhere from luxurious beach resorts to the thatched wooden houses of a Sundanese village. The travel options are wide and wild in Indonesia. If you’re looking for your personal paradise, browse our blog for our top picks on what to do, see, and eat in Indonesia.


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What’s Special about Indonesia?

Indonesia’s spectacular diversity makes informed travel essential. With so much to see and do and so many different ways to experience the country, a few insider tips can ensure you get the most out of your trip. Whatever your definition of paradise, chances are it exists on one of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands.

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Across Indonesia’s many cultures, people tend to be warm, hospitable, and fiercely regional. Expect smiling hospitality, a fervent devotion to tradition, and enthusiastic explanations of why this particular island is better than all the rest.

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Indonesia’s climate is generally tropical with lower temperatures at high altitudes. The weather is marked by distinct rainy and dry seasons, but Indonesia’s rugged topography brings rain to different islands at different times of year.

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In big cities and tourist centers, restaurants, bars, and clubs are plentiful, but the real treat is the local entertainment. Watch shows of Balinese Barong and Kecak dancing, or even join in on the fun.

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Indonesia is home to about 300 ethnic groups. While cultures vary considerably across these groups, most of Indonesia exhibits strong Chinese, Indian, Islamic, and European influences. Unique endemic cultures are also found on many islands.

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Indonesian, closely related to Malay, is the official language of the country and widely used in media, commerce, and administration. Most Indonesians, however, speak one of the country’s 700 living tongues as a first language.

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A historical crossroads for trade, Indonesia has a history shaped by waves of Chinese, Indian, Middle-Eastern, and European traders. A former Dutch colony, the country achieved its independence after WWII and rapidly became a major economic player in the region.

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A reliable and established Indonesia travel agency, Backyard Travel provides expert advice and on-the-ground support to ensure a worry-free and unforgettable tailormade Indonesia holiday. Our Indonesia specialists are constantly looking for the uncommon, insider experiences to provide you with the best and most up-to-date advice for your travels.

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Nature doesn‘t last forever. It needs us to witness it‘s beauty and it‘s hard for me to refuse its seduction, or my urge to see more hidden things.

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